Differentiated requirements, differentiated solutions

Greater efficiency with custom-fit installation and functional models

Prototype creation, taking into account near-production standard processes in Karben, Korbach, and Lyon

  • 50 employees in 3-shift operation
  • Approx. 5,000 hose lines per month
  • Approx. 12-day throughput time per order
  • 3D measurement stations and CNC-controlled bending machines for practically any geometry
  • Individual molded hose production possible, too

Production Technology – efficient and innovative

All common processes for reliable, high-volume production:
Bending and joining techniques, cold transformation, surface refinement

  • Automation for cost-efficient production
  • Hydroforming saves energy, materials, and joining operations
  • Plastics processing

State-of-the-art testing technology for absolute functional reliability

  • Pressurization cycle test under temperature and vibration stressing
  • Acoustics tuning on the HPS test stand
  • Impermeability and volume increase
  • Temperature and pressure resistance
  • Noise and vibration damping
  • Shaker test
  • Corrosion test
  • Purity test
  • Material analyses

Quality management at every location

Process-integrated quality assurance ensures the reproducibly high quality of our products.

  • We test hose lines continuously during the production process.
  • "Specific process control" ensures high process reliability – the relevant main characteristics are documented and defined as parameters for all processes.
  • All production sites have been certified in accordance with TS 16949.