Vibration Absorber

Anti Vibration Components for the Drive Train

Internal tube vibration absorber

Internal tube vibration absorbers are used in hollow drive shafts. The component shown here is pressed into the shaft of a front-wheel drive where it serves to reduce this shaft's flexural vibration. The resulting reduction in noise and vibrations makes for a noticeable improvement in the vehicle interior.

The component can be installed before welding the end piece on and applying the corrosion protection. The elastomer spring for this is made from a high-temperature-resistant material. The silicone rubber used has an exceptionally high material damping characteristic to keep the secondary resonances low. The particular advantage of the internal type, protected from environmental influences, is its minimal space requirements and the possibility of optimally positioning the absorber in the shaft's vibration loop.

Hydraulic absorbers

Vibration absorber with integrated fluid system – so-called hydraulic absorbers – for additional damping, with the following advantages:

  • simple construction
  • modular system
  • integrated breakaway resistance for use under the vehicle

In the area of the rear-axle drive of many models of diverse vehicle manufacturers, they provide for pleasing vibration comfort.

internal tube vibration absorber

internal tube vibration absorber

absorber as hydraulic absorber type

absorber as hydraulic absorber type