Anti-stick cover grade conveyor belts

ContiClean® A-H
Special-purpose conveyor belts with dirt-repellent plastic coating, now also available on a test basis as a curve-negotiable tube conveyor belt which protects the goods by enclosing them like a hose. The cover on the carrying side of ContiClean® A-H reduces the adhesion of moist materials such as desulpherized gypsum, ash, wood chip, etc. Cleaning costs and machine downtimes are reduced to a minimum. Non-aggressive cleaning systems can prolong the belt life.


  • Dirt-repellant thanks to a new type of plastic coating on the cover
  • Resistant to oil and grease
  • Resistant to aging and weathering, anti-static
  • Long service life
  • Saves money as less cleaning and maintenance work is required
  • Costly maintenance-intensive scraper systems replaced by a simple soft rubber scraper



  • Transports all types of material


Product range

  • Temperatures stability -25 to +80°C (for short periods of time)
  • Delivery widths 500-2100 mm

Anti stick cover grade