Tools & equipment

Order tools for conveyor installation and repair

In our specialist catalog ”Tools & Equipment”, you’ll find everything you need for belt repairs and belt splicing, from barrier tape through offset screwdrivers. Thanks to our extensive industry expertise, we know exactly which requirements the tools must meet, and provide everything you need to work successfully and efficiently.

    Product range

    • General tools
      General tools

      All standard tools which a trained fitter needs for belt splicing and conveyor belt repairs.

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    • Measurement tools
      Measurement tools

      Here you will find a selection of high-quality measuring equipment for ultimate accuracy and precision.

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    • Cutting tools
      Cutting tools

      A selection of essential cutting tools for installing and repairing conveyor belts.

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    • Saw, drill & grinding technology
      Saw, drill & grinding technology

      A wide range of accessories and first-class electronic devices with a proven standard of quality and reliability.

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    • Clamping technology
      Clamping technology

      All proven clamping and holding devices which are essential for installing and repairing conveyor belts reliably and safely.

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    • Special tools
      Special tools

      This category includes all the required and specially designed hand tools which give you the long-lasting results you want.

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    • Working safety
      Working safety

      You will find high-quality industrial safety products that are very good value for money.

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    • Merchandising products
      Merchandising products

      Our range also includes an extensive Continental product experience with practical useful, and trendy everyday fashion items.

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    • Tool kits
      Tool kits

      The collection of tools we have put together always guarantees that a basic range of equipment is available.

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    • Vulcanizing presses
      Vulcanizing presses