Raw-/clean air lines & ducts

  • Air duction

  • Clean air duct

    60° Clean air duct with flexible connection to the crankcase ventilation

  • Clean air duct with axial step

    Clean air duct with axial step and connection to auxiliary air compressor

  • Clean air intake hose

    Clean air intake hose

  • Corrugated clean air duct

    Corrugated clean air duct

  • Intake socket for clean air

    Intake socket for clean air

  • Raw air duct

    Raw air duct

Raw-/clean air lines & ducts

ContiTech develops and produces all types of air intake hoses, including multi-component systems, and optimizes them to customer specifications for custom flexibility and the required vacuum stability.

Technical specifications

  • Air intake hoses for raw air and clean air
  • Made of elastomer as an injection-molded part
  • Made of thermoplastic in blow-molding technology
  • Also available in elastomer / thermoplastic combination
  • Compete modules with sensor technology, blow-by connections, and splicing technology

Benefits & features

  • Mechanical and acoustic decoupling
  • Outstanding temperature and media resistance
  • Vacuum-resistant and highly flexible
  • Integrated splicing technology on customer demand