Compressor/compressed air lines

Compressor/compressed air hose lines

Applications in the field of compressed air and oil are very versatile and require hoses that must be able to withstand very high temperatures and securely transport media at high volumetric flow rates.
With our hoses and hose assemblies, we offer a broad and innovative spectrum of solutions for these applications and therefore ensure optimal transport of oil, dry air, and air that contains oil.
Applications including oil cooling and lubrication, hydraulic systems, and compressors can be operated optimally using our solutions

Technical specifications

  • Lines for pure air and air containing oil
  • Hoses made of elastomers and thermoplastics
  • Available with directly crimped elbows to prevent interfaces
  • Standard connections and connection systems for safe and quick assembly

Benefits & features

  • Suitable for high temperature and pressure requirements
  • Very resistant to vibrations and continuous oscillation
  • Narrow bending radii for assembly-friendly processes
  • Optimized operational weight