Pouch conveyor belts

Clean, safe and curve-negotiable up to 180°
The SICON® conveyor belt remains closed from the feeding point to the discharge point. It thus measures up to particularly stringent requirements with respect to cornering suitability, cost-efficiency and environmental compatibility.

The extra-high flexibility of SICON® conveyor belts renders involved system configurations possible for optimum conformity to topographical conditions. They can cope with corners and edges without the need for additional transfer points. Cornering radii of less than a meter can be realized. This makes possible the serpentine routing often required to cope with major altitude differences over very short distances.


  • Vertical guide pulley
  • Two steel cords vulcanized into the belt with common axis for extremely short radii
  • Support pulleys tilted to close the belt
  • Two profiles led by the guide and support pulleys
  • Pouch-shaped part of belt for carrying material conveyed


  • Copes well with steeply rising topography
  • Eliminates need for transfer points thanks to good curve negotiability
  • Does not pollute because belt closed on return trip
  • Allows for two-way conveyor system: belt can be loaded in both directions; varying routing possible for trip out and back
  • Prevents dust emissions
  • Protects sensitive materials conveyed
  • Is lightweight and flexible, easy to install; self-centering between guide pulleys and support pulleys
  • Make minimal space demands
  • Allows for gradients of up to 35°
  • Reduces tensile load on belt by arrangement of several drive stations (with at least 90° encapsulation in curves).
  • Cleans itself
  • Can negotiate 180° curves with a radius smaller than 1 meter
  • Opens the way to many feed and discharge options
  • Loads uniformly and accelerates quickly


  • Construction industry
  • Power industry
  • Cellulose industry
  • Steel/metal industry
  • Underground/surface mining
  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Processing industry

Pouch conveyor belt

Pouch conveyor belt
SICON® belt conveyor system – Proven in diverse applications

Pouch conveyor belt
Loading – The belt can be loaded at anywhere along the conveyor route. Special guide pulleys function to give the belt a U-shaped opening. In this way, the belt cushions the fall of the material during loading while steadying and accelerating its flow.

Pouch conveyor belt
Drive and curves – The belt is guided into curves by means of individual deflection pulleys. The drives are fitted in at curves of at least 90°.

Pouch conveyor belt
Discharge – In the case of horizontal discharge, the belt opens up gradually and the pear-shaped pouch is transformed in to a flat surface. The material being conveyed drops off as the belt passes over the deflector pulley. No scraper is required. After discharge, the belt regains its original pouch form for the return run.

Pouch conveyor belt
Intermediate discharge – Intermediate discharge is possible at any point along the conveyor run – either for the purpose of unloading or for further conveyance to the next discharge station.

Product range

Sicon® 100
Belt width
unfolded (mm)
Conveyor capacity
at 1.5 m/s (m3/h)
650 35
800 55
1000 95 (only light material)
1200 140 (only light material)
Size of profile approx. 30 x 30 mm – pulley diameter: 1,200 mm
Sicon® 1000
Belt width
unfolded (mm)
Conveyor capacity
at 1.5 m/s (m3/h)
800 115
1000 190
1200 280
1400 380
Size of profile approx. 50 x 50 mm – pulley diameter: 2,000 mm
For high conveyor capacities, long conveyor systems and high stress loads