Monitoring services

Reduces maintenance cost & improves performance

The CONTI® INSPECT series is designed to detect damage to the conveyor belt derived from the operation of the conveyor, in order to maintain the high quality level of the conveyor belts. CONTI® INSPECT enables continuous belt scanning during conveyor operation at full belt speed. As a result, inspection time, cost and effort can be reduced to a minimum. The CONTI® INSPECT system allows maintenance to be planned easily, fast and in advance for scheduled conveyor downtimes.

The CONTI® INSPECT series provides belt thickness measurement, belt surface inspection and cord condition monitoring. These systems are mobile and can be used for all appropriate conveyors. A full service by our well-trained ContiTech field engineers is available. A detailed report of the inspection is generated and provided with a precise description of the abrasive wear, damage to the belt surface and the state of the tensile carrier, i.e. the steel cords.

CONTI® Inspect – Belt thickness measurements

  • Measures the belt thickness (0 mm – 55 mm) effectively
  • Measures in the area where the wear actually takes place
  • Only one belt revolution required
  • Predicts the remaining lifetime of the belt (based on top cover thickness)
  • Avoids unnecessary belt replacements

Belt thickness measurements
Belt thickness measurements

CONTI® Inspect – Belt surface inspection

  • Scans whole belt surface by line laser technology
  • Generates a digital belt map and detects all cover damages
  • Virtual 3D analysis of variable defects
  • Automatic reporting with adjustable ranking of surface damages
  • Remaining lifetime estimate
  • Pre-analysis for manual belt inspection and repairings

Belt surface inspection
Belt surface inspection

CONTI® Inspect – Cord condition monitoring

  • Continuous scanning procedure with real-time reporting at full belt speed
  • Virtual 3D reporting with automatic splice identification and fault alarms
  • No permanent magnetization of the belt required
  • Robust design for all environmental and weather conditions
  • Detects steel cord damage early
  • Monitors splices

Cord condition monitoring
Cord condition monitoring