Energy optimized conveyor belts

Conti eXtra low loss technology
The development of a special rubber compound has enabled ContiTech, the world’s leading manufacturer of conveyor belts, to minimize the rolling resistance of conveyor belts, thus achieving a 20 percent reduction in the amount of energy consumed during the transportation of raw materials.

CO2 emissions have also been reduced significantly. Recent measurements conducted by Hanover University’s Institute for transport and automation have confirmed these results. This means that over 3,000 kW of input power can be saved on a 5-kilometer conveyor system. So the amount of energy saved in 1.5 hours is equivalent to that consumed in one year by an average 4-person household in Germany.

XLL Technology – Conti eXtra low loss technology

The  XLL cover compound is a special, energy-optimized rubber composition. Since this rubber compound significantly improves visco-elastic properties, the indentation rolling resistance on the conveyor belt system is minimized. In comparison with conventional conveyor belts, this enables energy consumption during the transport of raw materials to be cut by up to 25%. In this way, energy costs and CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced.


Energy optimized belts



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