Steam accumulator diaphragms

Collection and recirculation of steam in tank farms

Steam accumulator diaphragms are used in the collection and recirculation of steam in tank farms within the mineral oil industry. Alongside economical advantages like saving raw materials and energy costs, steam accumulator diaphragms permit a more than 95% reduction of pollutant emissions.

Steam accumulator diaphragms


  • Low permeation rates and high resistance to commercial fuels
  • High tensile strength and temperature resistance (up to +70°C)
  • Extremely high seam strength, even when exposed to fuels (tested by German BAM agency)
  • Fulfils the requirements specified in instruction sheet 954 for tank farms published by the Association of the German Technical Inspection Agencies


A reciprocating piston moves up and down in the steam accumulator, adjusting the stored volume to the fill volume and keeping the gas at working pressure.

In all states of movement, diaphragms maintains a tight seal between the gas-holder wall and the piston.

Material used

  • Reinforced with ultra-strong, low-stretch polyamide fabric
  • Coated on both sides with nitrile-base rubber
  • Fabric construction highly resistant to hydrolysis


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