Baler belts – pre-cut & laced

Resistant against abrasion, UV and ozone
Alternatively to the endless wrapped round baler belts, the ContiTech Conveyor belt group offers valuable laced round baler belts with hook fasteners and round baler belts as bulk material, for replacement demands.

The usage of two outer extra flexible nylon-based fabric layers and an inner extra strong polyester-based fabric layer has been established as a standard and provides high stability and low elongation. Very efficient and optimally customized cover compounds for agricultural needs – i.a. abrasive resistant and UV and ozone resistant keep these belts running for years. Special skim compounds between fabric plies allow smooth transition over small rollers without delamination.

3-ply baler belt

Nylon/Polyester – Polyester/Polyester – Nylon/Polyester
The nylon/polyester outer plies, coupled with the all polyester inner ply, makes this truly an exceptional baler belt. This three ply belt is designed specifically with today's high density baler and heavy users in mind. It's innovative design provides the ultimate in flexibility, strength, and tracking, all with minimal stretch. The outer plies have a nylon length yarn and a polyester cross yarn to provide for exceptional flex life going around the rollers, but maintains stiffness across the belt to prevent roll over. The inner ply is an all polyester ply for minimum belt elongation. Improved rubber covers and fabrics increase hook holding ability and are designed to withstand the extreme flexing belts must undergo in large round balers. All three of the plies are S & Z twist for the ultimate in belt tracking. Available with textured covers, or with mini rough top, rough top, chevron, and diamond top construction.

ContiTech’s field proven baler belt achieves superior performance by utilizing high quality compound between plies, (skims) to allow the plies to easily shift as the belts travel over the rollers. High ozone and oxidation inhibitors in the cover compounds, along with high abrasion resistance, provide for years of wear from your ContiTech baler belts. The low stretch, 100% polyester inner ply provides for very high tension ratings in ContiTech's baler belts. Assuring years of trouble free running without significant stretch with stable tracking characteristics.

Baler belts – Pre-cut & laced

Baler belts – Pre-cut & laced
3-ply baler belt

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