Low friction conveyor belts

for sliding removal on the carrying side
CONTIFLEX® SLIDE conveyor belts are used when materials are removed on the carrying side in a sliding motion, e.g. over a steel, plastic, or wooden bed. Sliding belt conveyors are particularly wearresistant thanks to a special bottom ply in the tension member. The belts have a low coefficient of sliding friction. Correct belt alignment on the conveyor is ensured by the latest continuous vulcanisation process and a purpose-designed fabric.


  • Used when material is removed by sliding, for instance on a steel, plastic or wood surface
  • Very wear-resistant by virtue of a special tension member ply on the bottom
  • Low sliding friction
  • Special fabric and continuous vulcanization ensure optimum operational tracking on the conveyor
  • This makes it much more difficult for foreign bodies and sharp-edged materials to penetrate the tension member



  • Automotive industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Woodworking/ sawmill
  • Household garbage processing
  • Recycling plants
  • Scrap material processing
  • General cargo handling

Low friction belts

The following belt types are available from stock

Belt type
Oil GM
Cover thickness
2,5 + 0 2,5 + 0 2,5 + 0
Cover type NQ NQ OIL GM
Belt width 1600/2000
Belt thickness approx.
6,0 6,9 6,9
Belt weight approx.
7,3 8,4 8,5
Nominal strength
≥ 250 ≥ 400 ≥ 400
Number of plies 2 3 3
Pulley diameter
at drive mm
≥ 250 ≥ 315 ≥ 315
Pulley diameter
at tail pulley mm
≥ 200 ≥ 250 ≥ 250
Reference elongation at
10% of breaking load
≤ 1,5
Coefficient of friction on steel approx. 0,2 – 0,4
Oil and grease resistance mittel
Other belt types are available on request. The pulley diameter can be reduced for low loads (e.g. by one category for less than 60% utilisation, according to DIN 22101). Our specialists in application engineering are pleased to advise you.

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