• Belt drive systems

  • System components for multiple V-ribbed belts

    System components for multiple V-ribbed belts

  • System components for timing belt drives

    System components for timing belt drives

Belt drive systems from ContiTech INA

As part of the joint venture CONTITECH – INA GmbH Co. KG Belt Drive Systems, we have been developing complete belt drive systems for steering timing belt drives as well as accessory drive systems since 1995. We have developed over 50 production-ready belt drive systems. System know-how and development expertise are necessary to meet today's requirements for system service lifespans of up to 240,000 km and longer.

System components for timing belt drives

  • Wheels
  • Tension pulleys
  • Idler pulleys
  • Camshaft phaser

System components for multiple V-ribbed belts

  • Mechanical tensioning systems
  • Overrunning alternator pulley/damper
  • Idler pulley/tension pulleys
  • Hydraulic tensioning systems
  • Crankshaft pulley decoupler

This development expertise includes

  • Computer-aided belt drive simulations for determining and optimizing dynamic operating behavior using "SIMDRIVE"
  • Service life forecasting employing Bearinx® and KRRLEB, software programs developed in-house
  • Geometrically designed tensioning systems and optimization by means of "BeltDrive" calculation software
  • FE calculations and CAD topology optimization
  • Belt drive simulations on specially developed simulation test benches ("breadboard testing")
  • Functional tests and fatigue resistance tests on operating-engine test benches with up to 330 kW of power
  • Functional tests at the customer's site with portable flexible measuring equipment
  • Vehicle measurements on our in-house roller dynamometer test bench (suitable for all-wheel vehicles, conditioning from –30°C to +40°C possible), on the test track or at the customer's location
  • Acoustics testing of components, engines and vehicles
  • Fatigue resistance tests on special component test benches