Steep incline conveyor belts

Steep angle and vertical conveying

ContiTech provides conveyor belts for the horizontal, steep and vertical transport. The product range includes corrugated sidewall belts with cleats, vertical & horizontal conveyors and closed belt conveyors.

    Product range

    • Profiled conveyor belts
      Profiled conveyor belts

      Our chevron belts are equipped with covers of a wear-resistant quality. With 10-50 mm high profiles, they are the perfect belt for numerous applications.

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    • Sidewall belts
      Sidewall belts

      Horizontal, steep incline and vertical conveying: Corrugated sidewall belts are ideal for transporting bulk goods efficiently on uphill and downhill gradients.

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    • Pocket hoist & bag elevator belts
      Pocket hoist & bag elevator belts

      POCKETLIFT® technology is giving mining engineers and operators the opportunity for a continuous mass flow over several hundred meters lift height.

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    • Pouch conveyor belts
      Pouch conveyor belts

      Pouch conveyor belts measure up to particularly stringent requirements with respect to cornering suitability, cost-efficiency and environmental compatibility.

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    • Bucket elevator & seed belts
      Bucket elevator & seed belts

      Place potatoes exactly: We supply flat and profiled textile base belts for e.g. compact potato planters.

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