Heating & cooling hose lines

  • Cooling line

  • Heating line

  • Heating-Cooling-Heating-corrugated_tube

    Corrugated tube

  • Fluid-handling-oil-cooling

    engine oil cooling line

  • silikonschlauch

    Silicone hose for temperatures up to +230°C

Line systems for cooling & heating circuits

For engine and component cooling, we develop technologies and systems made from various materials that meet the most stringent requirements regarding flexibility as well as pressure and temperature resistance.

Technical specifications

Water cooling

  • Nominal diameter of 5 to 100 mm
  • Temperature range -40° to +200°C (EPDM)
  • Operating pressure of up to 5 bar (approx. 44 psi)
  • Electrochemically resistance of EPDM compounds
  • Applications in elastomer / plastic / metal

Oil cooling (in the engine)

  • Nominal diameter of 3 to 100 mm
  • Lines with high-temperature-resistant oil hoses up to 15 bar
  • Silicone hoses for temperatures up to +230°C; sold by the meter or as molded hoses
  • Plastic tubes made of Teflon corrugated tubing, polyester or fiberglass braid and stainless-steel outer braiding temperature-resistant up to +230°C
  • "Customized" coupling and fitting system solutions for fast and reliable installation

Benefits & features

  • Customized material and geometry
  • Flexibility ensured by geometry and optional integration of defined corrugations
  • Quick couplings made of plastic and metal for fast installation and simple easy servicing
  • Systems integration of sensors, vents, brackets, heat protection and abrasion protection