Urea hose lines for SCR systems

  • Heatable urea hose line

    Electrical heated urea hose line

  • Heated connection system

    Electrical heated connection system

  • Cooling water heated SCR

    Cooling water heated SCR hose line

  • AdBlue tank ventilation line

    AdBlue tank ventilation line

SCR system lines

The heatable urea hose line from ContiTech prevents the medium AdBlue from freezing in every phase of operation, thus guaranteeing the full functioning of the system.

Technical specifications

  • Electrical and cooling-water-heated line systems
  • Hose lines in plastic and elastomer designs
  • Validated for a working pressure up to 15 bar and temperatures up to 160°C
  • Variant with integrated heating wires 
  • Heated and unheated connection systems
  • In the hot area covered with a heat protection sleeve

Benefits & features

  • Narrow bending radii for assembly-friendly processes
  • Hose variants with high volume expansion
  • Very good permeation characteristics
  • Permanent and leakproof hose connector thanks to high quality standards and comprehensive validations

Cooling water hose lines for SCR-Technology

SCR dosing modules for use in the engine compartment are actively cooled with engine cooling water.
  • Nominal widths of 5 to 20 mm
  • Temperature range -40°  to + 200°C
  • Operating pressure of up to 3,5 bar
  • Extruded and wrapped hose design in silicon
  • Systems integration of sensors, vents, holders and abrasion protection
  • Prepositioned brackets for fast installation

Cooling water hose lines for SCR-Technology