Fuel hose lines for gaseous hydrogen

For the transport of gaseous hydrogen absolutely gas tight but flexible lines are required. For this purpose, we have developed a 0-permeation hose line. The inner liner consists of a corrugated tube made of stainless steel. Special adapters at the ends of this tube integrate it in an elastomeric composite and serve as permeation barriers. The dynamic strength of the elastomer is guaranteed by a specialized reinforcement layer. This line fulfils all requirements with respect to flexibility, pressure and impulse strength.

Specifications & benefits

  • Inner lining consisting of corrugated stainless steel tubing
  • Integrated elastomer compound as permeation barrier
  • Dynamic strength due to special pressure-resistant layer – resistant to vibrations and crash-safe
  • Overall package with pressure lines, cooling water lines and exhaust steam lines

Hydrogen line with special barrier layer