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  • Drive belts for automotive applications: timing belts, V-belts, multi V-belts, multi V-belts Elast
  • Kits: timing belt kit, timing belt kit + water pump, multi V-belt kit, multi V-belt kit Elast + tool, multi V-belt+ torsional vibration damper
  • Overrunning alternator pulleys
  • Torsional vibration damper (TVD)
  • Water pumps for ancillary drives


  • Mounting sets
  • Measuring and fitting tools
  • Workshop equipment


  • 5-year guarantee on all products
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  • Product videos
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    Products & Equipment

    • Belts

      By choosing Continental power transmission elements you are opting for the quality also preferred as original equipment by leading vehicle manufacturers.

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    • Kits

      Continental offers kits in various configurations for almost all vehicles. All the components are perfectly matched to each other.

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    • Overrunning Alternator Pulleys
      Overrunning Alternator Pulleys

      The overrunning alternator pulley is a further development of the fixed belt pulley on the alternator.

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    • Torsional Vibration Dampers
      Torsional Vibration Dampers

      TVDs damp the vibration in the crankshaft, thereby ensuring smooth running of the belt and the belt drive components.

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    • Measuring and Fitting Tools
      Measuring and Fitting Tools

      Our professional-quality special tools and measuring instruments will assist you in maintaining and fitting drive components.

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    • Water Pumps
      Water Pumps

      In addition to the water pumps available in a kit for the timing belt drive, Continental also offers standalone water pumps for ancillary drives or with an electric drive.

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