Auto repair shops receive all components for changing the timing belt from the one-stop shop that is Continental – even for vehicles that require more than one belt. Complete packages with “PRO” added to their name, after the article number, contain all timing belts required for the engine as well as additional components.


  • 5-year guarantee for registered auto repair shops
  • All components are perfectly matched to each other
  • Parts do not have to be ordered individually

Technical data

  • Content (varies depending on the application): Timing belt, water pump, idler/guide pulley, tension pulley, required assembly parts such as bolts, nuts, etc.
  • Original quality
  • Product range

Our motto: the right solution for every application. The PRO-Kits product range from Continental offer auto repair shops all the components they need to repair engines with two timing belts – in one single package from a one-stop shop. This puts an end to the complicated business of ordering individual components. “If we can help auto repair shops to work even better and faster, then we are happy to do so,” declared product manager Adrian Rothschild.

With this, we are continuing our decades-long corporate philosophy of individual solutions and reliable service. The kit variations with one drive belt were already a model for success and have been firmly established on the market for a long time. Auto repair shops therefore benefit from contents customized to their needs. This guiding principle is accompanied by continuous expansion and optimization of the portfolio, with which we are responding to current industry developments and requirements. This continuous improvement of products and services is possible thanks to the close ties that we traditionally maintain with auto repair shops. “We simply want to offer what the vehicle professionals need for their work,” says Rothschild.