Service tools

  • Service Tools

    Service Tools

Even the best power transmission belt has to be correctly set up: ContiTech offers an appropriate selection of service tools to enable you to maximize the durability of your drive belt. While you’re using our CONTI®  Professional design software to select the correct belt, we can also supply you with equipment to help with installation and maintenance and ensure professional support for the power transmission belt portfolio.

    Service Tools

    • CONTI® VSM 1/3/Mini tension gauges
      CONTI® VSM 1/3/Mini tension gauges

      Electronically measurable belt tension.

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      Practical tool for use on-site.

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    • CONTI® Professional
      Design software CONTI® Professional

      ContiTech offers you a web-based application for the design of open-ended and endless belt drives with the whole industrial product range.

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    • ContiTech V-belt length gauge
      ContiTech V-belt length gauge

      This gauge determines lengths of 500 to 2600 mm.

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    • V-belt pretension gauge KRIKIT
      V-belt pretension gauge KRIKIT

      The KRIKIT II pretension gauge makes it possible to set the optimum V-ribbed belt tension at up to 70 kg tensile stress.

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    • Pulley gauge
      Pulley gauge

      Pulley gauges determine the pulley profile and wear on belt edges of V-belt pulley.

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