Engine mounts

The ship’s engines are also subject to a wide range of forces that need to be dampened. The weight force of the engine acts in a vertical direction, while the rolling, pitching, heaving and yawing of the ship among the waves exert lateral and diagonal forces. Another force affecting the engines is propeller thrust.

Technical specifications

  • Standard products that provide economical solutions of the highest quality: SCHWINGMETALL® + MEGI® rubber-metal products
  • Tailor-made systems for reducing vibrations and noise for stringent usage requirements and product requirements

Benefits & features

  • Vibration control solutions from  ContiTech for marine applications offer consistent, secure, stable, noise-free support for ships’ engines.
  • Easy to install, they are height-adjustable, ultra-stable and break-proof.
  • Their extreme damping and elasticity ensure the best possible comfort for guests even in rough seas.
  • We also use our expertise in the fields of materials and development to provide sustainable benefits for power- ful yachts and boots.

    Product range

    • Dome mounts series C
      Dome mounts series C

    • Special element
      Special element

    • Double bush bearing
      Double bush bearing