Vibration absorbers

  • Steering wheel vibration absorber

    Steering wheel vibration absorber

  • Backrest vibration absorber

    Backrest vibration absorber

Vehicle setup with individual absorber solutions

For the sake of better acoustics and enhanced riding comfort, ContiTech Vibration Control develops effective absorber systems aimed at eliminating annoying vibration and noise in vehicles. A tailored solution can be realized by having a relatively small mass vibrate in antiphase to the annoying excitation. The vibration behavior is to be adjusted via the spring/damper system. A small absorber weight can thus have a considerable effect.

Absorbers make possible intelligent lightweight design.

ContiTech offers customized solutions

  • The vibration problem at hand is contained.
  • Taking into account the installation space available, we develop absorbers that eliminate the vibration problem, thereby putting the final touches on our customer own product.