MEGI® system and auxiliary components

As a link between axis and bogie frame, ContiTech primary spring products reliably perform the complex task of wheel-set mounting and bogie suspension.

MEGI® elements greatly enhance the comfort and safety of rail vehicles.

Maximum reliability for specific tasks MEGI® auxiliary systems fulfil the complex tasks of transmitting loads and controlling noise and vibration. These customised solutions are developed in close collaboration with the customer on the basis of clearly defined specifications. By adopting a holistic approach and assuming complete responsibility for engineering and project management, we are able to achieve economic, technical and logistical synergies.

Benefits & features

Under extreme strain, the ContiTech Primary suspensions minimise the effects resulting from contact between wheel and rails during the journey. Competently they absorbing vibrations and reducing impact sound for smooth driving operations.

  • Passengers can relax while travelling
  • Long product lifetime
  • High quality level
  • Low life cycle costs

Reliability in the original

We supply exclusively original spare parts with identical qualities to the first generation of products. Also for customer-specific solutions.

Thanks to a global network of dealers, qualified, in-house technicians, and experienced assemblers, our products are available on short notice anywhere in the world and are exchanged reliably.

Above all, our exemplary set of measures ensures that customers' spare parts and maintenance needs are predictable in the long term. With competent consultation, preventative inspections of used parts, precise laboratory measurements and early needs assessment, we offer you the security of preparing maintenance and replacement work more than twelve months in advance, in a systematic and thus cost-optimized manner.

Another advantage: We generally only provide complete suspension kits that contain all truck suspension components. This eases the logistics for our customers in the long term and guarantees that no components are missing.

    Product range

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    • MEGI® guide elements
      MEGI® guide elements

      Play a key role in guiding the wheelset. As system components they can also be used to transmit loads in the traction link and anti roll system as well as in the driveline suspensions.

    • MEGI® chevrons
      MEGI® chevrons

      Are optimally suited for primary spring modules with a large degree of variation in vertical and horizontal stiffness. They often eliminate the need for other dampers.

    • MEGI® conical springs
      MEGI® conical springs

      Permit a large variation in adjustable vertical and horizontal stiffness within a confined space. They often eliminate the need for any auxiliary damper.

    • MEGI® auxiliary springs
      MEGI® auxiliary springs

      Reduce structure-borne sound and vibrations in primary and secondary spring modules when used in combination with a coil spring (i.e. MEGI® layer spring).

    • MEGI® layer springs
      MEGI® layer springs

      Ensure maintenance-free bearing of primary and secondary suspension systems.

    Product range auxiliary systems

    • Traction links
      Traction links

      MEGI® auxiliary systems, such as locking bars, links and pendulum supports, fulfill complex force transmission jobs as well as providing acoustic and vibration isolation.

    • Lateral bumper
      Lateral bumper

      MEGI® lateral bumpers limit travel and transmit force between the bogie and the superstructure.

    • Coupling articulation
      Coupling articulation

      Joining two vehicle units allows axial movement & conical rotation when cornering. It copes with longitudinal movements resulting from traction & braking forces as well as lateral movements arising.

    • Wheelset spring
      Wheelset spring

      Divides the vehicle wheels into an outer wheel tyre and an inner wheel disc. It minimises shocks emanating from the rail track and allows low-noise running.

    • Link with bushes for anti roll system
      Link with bushes for anti roll system

      MEGI® auxiliary systems, such as locking bars, links and pendulum supports, fulfill complex force transmission jobs as well as providing acoustic and vibration isolation.

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