Product Range

    • Conical Springs
      Conical Springs

      Conical springs allow for large variations in adjustable vertical and horizontal stiffness within a confined space.

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    • Chevron Springs
      Axle / Chevron Springs

      Axle / Chevron are optimally suited for primary spring modules with a large degree of variation in vertical and horizontal stiffness. They often eliminate the need for other dampers.

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    • Layer Springs
      Layer Springs

      Ensure maintenance-free bearing and damping of primary suspension systems.

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    • Guiding Bushes
      Guiding Bushes

      Guiding bushes ensure a stable guidance of the wheel set at high dynamic load impact.

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    • Guide Springs
      Guide Springs

      Guide springs support the application of coil springs in primary suspensions.

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    • Auxiliary Springs
      Auxiliary Springs

      When combined with a helical spring, the layer spring reduces structure-borne sound and vibrations in primary and secondary spring modules.