On track worldwide – In inter-city and mass transit trains

For almost 60 years, we have supported the technological development of inter-city and mass transit trains. During this time, we have repeatedly created innovative products that modernized – and sometimes even revolutionized – rail transportation, for instance the first air suspension system for high-speed trains. We have expanded our product range and opened up markets on an ongoing basis. Today our suspension concepts for maximum safety and ride comfort have become permanent features in inter-city and mass transit trains as well as high-speed trains.

Almost 60 years of engineering achievements

1956 Air springs for rail buses
1962 Unrestricted air spring for bolsterless bogies
1968 Air suspension for underground trains in Munich
1975 Belted rolling lobe air spring for bogies
1981 Development of air spring systems for TGV
1985 Development of side-tilt system
1986 Development of wheel set control spring for TGV
1988 Development of a spring concept with extremely low horizontal stiffness and high lateral stability
1990 Development of an FEM calculation program to design air spring systems for rail vehicles
1994 Development of air spring systems for ICE 2 Development of coupling articulation for TGV 2 N
1995 Development of a module family of laterally stable rolling lobe air springs for low-floor concepts
1996 Development of the hydraulic spring as an axle spring
1997 Development of a primary air spring
2000 Development of a complete primary suspension level
2014 Development of air springs for extreme cold

Examples of projects

Our innovative suspension concepts for controlling vibrations, isolating sound and improving comfort have become standard features of rail vehicles everywhere. They can be found in inter-city, mass transit and high-speed trains – in Europe and America as well as in Eastern Asia and Australia. We are the global leader in the rail vehicle industry.


BeNeLux Doubledeck coaches IRM
Austria V-Wagen Wien
Spain Velaro E
Germany LINT
France Regio 2-N
France AGV
Italy Sirio
Italy Coradia Meridian
Poland SWING
Poland DART


China CRH-3
China Metro Shanghai
Korea HEMU 400x
Singapore Metro
India Delhi Metro
U.S.A. S70 Streetcar
Australia Millenium Train
Australia HUNTER / OSCAR